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Regardless whether they are automatic or manual, transmissions are an integral part of your vehicle. In addition to getting preventive maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, engine tune-ups, every car owner should consider having their vehicle’s transmission checked. Costly transmission repairs can be easily avoided when you diagnose problems earlier on.

There are many signs that car owners should look into which could indicate signs of transmission problems.

Slippage: This is noticed when the engine RPM increases but the vehicle speed does not increase
Rough shifting: This occurs when a car comes to a stop, but it seems to want to keep moving. As a result the car stalls.
Delay in movement: This occurs when the vehicle stalls for a second or two before moving after you put the vehicle into drive.
Engine dashboard light: Engine warning lights are never a good sign. A failing transmission can trigger the “Check engine” lights.
Stains: These are stains of liquid that you notice when your car is parked and there is a stream of fluid leaking from beneath.
Sounds: Any time when you are driving and there are grinding sounds or any other strange sounds that are not present when the
car is idle could be signs of transmissions issues.

While the signs above are some of the signs that are associated with transmission issues, there are many others that could be present. It is therefore always recommended to visit your auto mechanic for a full diagnosis.

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